Beginner’s Guide to Poker

Every Wednesday, my friend and I try to do something fun in Deadwood. Whether it’s testing our luck at the craps table, watching the gorgeous Ladies of Blush daring aerial stunts, or sitting down for some sweet wine and appetizers at FLYT Steakhouse, we never stray from our favorite casino, Cadillac Jack’s® Gaming Resort. This week we were feeling pretty ambitious and entered into Cadillac Jack’s® live poker tournament!

This was our cheapest get together yet, as we both paid just $10 to enter the poker tournament. As 1 p.m. rolled around, Amber and I grabbed our seats and began our first poker game ever.

After two hours of play Amber and I ran out of chips and had to drop out of the tournament. However, for two beginners we did pretty well! We learned an incredible amount of knowledge from the other 20 players during this poker tournament experience.

Here are a few tips I would suggest when you and your friends come to play at Cadillac Jack’s®:

1. Just do it

Walking into the poker room was pretty intimidating for Amber and I. We both knew nothing about the game, we have never played before, and everyone in the room looked like they have been playing for 20+ years. But you HAVE to try. If we could last for two hours during a three and a half hour long tournament, you’ll probably do just as well, if not better.

2. Bring your friends

No one likes trying new things on their own. Plus, you’re probably less likely to jump into a daily tournament as a solo poker player. Bring a friend or two, go to Cadillac Jack’s® Poker Room about 15 minutes early, and order a drink from the friendly cocktail servers. Even if you don’t get to play at the same table, having a friend there to share this new experience will make the tournament more memorable.

3. If you’re nervous, ask for help

Surprisingly everyone at the tables were super helpful. It’s frowned upon to talk while cards are on the table but feel free to ask other players and even your dealer what they would’ve done with your hand. More than likely you will get a few suggestions that could help you win a future round.

4. Play for fun

As a first time poker player our goal was fun. Dropping the expectation of winning enhances the whole mood of the game. You both are more likely to have a great time playing, learning, and meeting new people. But hey, if you do happen to win, it’s that much more exciting!

5. You have to come back and play again

The first time you rode a bicycle probably wasn’t as much fun as it was the tenth or twentieth time you did it. Practice doesn’t necessarily make perfect but it does increase your odds of winning. The more hands you use to learn, the quicker you pick up on other people’s moves, and the more exposed you are to the game leads to an enhanced poker experience. The other people playing at the table are winning because this is probably their 3,216th game ever played.