Little Known Things About Mt Rushmore

Posted: October 05, 2017

How much do you know about one of our nation’s most popular shrines to democracy? This iconic set of United States presidents serves as a tribute to our great country’s past, and countless people from all over the world come to visit and stand in awe of this massive memorial. There’s no doubt that Mt Rushmore is one of South Dakota’s most popular tourist attractions, and a centerpiece within the Black Hills. Between the famous annual Sturgis Bike Rally and the myriad of attractions in nearby Deadwood, the Black Hills region of South Dakota is a tourist destination rich with beauty and United States History.

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In today’s blog post, Cadillac Jack’s Gaming Resort - Deadwood’s finest hotel near Mt Rushmore - is going to cover some little known things that you might not have known about Mt Rushmore. The next time you and the family are planning a trip out to the Black Hills area, don’t waste your time searching ‘deadwood south dakota hotels’ on your smartphone. Instead, go with the obvious choice and book your stay at Cadillac Jack’s Gaming Resort! We’re excited to see you.

How Rushmore Got Its Name

Charles E. Rushmore, a lawyer from New York, was sent to South Dakota to check legal titles on some properties around the Black Hills around 1884 or 1885. Based on the account by the National Park Service, Rushmore asked what the name of the mountain was, and nearby resident Bill Challis told him that the mountain did not have a name. “But from now on,” Challis said, “We’ll call it Rushmore.”

Thomas Jefferson Is Not Original

You may or may not be aware, but the giant sculpture of Jefferson’s face is actually a do-over. At first, the sculptor Gutzon Borgium put Jefferson on George Washington’s right. After 18 months of carving, Borgium ended up changing plans, and dynamited Jefferson right off the face of the mountain and put him on Washington’s left side.

Interesting side note: Theodore Roosevelt, arguably the most controversial choice among the four Rushmore presidents, had died only eight years before the blasting began.

George Washington Boasts The Longest Nose

Not to be nosy, but Cadillac Jack’s Gaming Resort is one of South Dakota’s Mt Rushmore hotels, so we think it’s fair that we can talk about something as strange as the size of our first president’s nose. As it turns out, George Washington’s nose is longer than the others by about a foot. His measures 21 feet, top to bottom, whereas the others measure at about 20.

Third Of July Fireworks

If you visit Mt Rushmore during Independence Day, what you’ll notice is that there isn’t a fireworks show. What’s up with that? Well, you’ll still get a grand fireworks display at Mt Rushmore, but it’s on the third of July every year. This scheduling is intentional from the National Park Service, and has been this way for several years now.

The reason for this unusual Independence Day celebration scheduling is to prevent the show from conflicting with other Fourth of July celebrations in Rapid City and other neighboring communities. The show typically starts around 9:15 p.m.

Mt Rushmore Is (Nearly) Free

Well, admission to the Mt Rushmore National Memorial itself is free. However, it costs $10 to park in the massive nearby parking lot. So, if you don’t mind a fairly long hike up the road and you don’t factor in the gas that it takes to get to our nation’s patriotic memorial, then yes, Mt Rushmore is as free as our founding fathers intended this great country to be.

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