Things That Just Aren’t True About South Dakota

Posted: January 19, 2018

For whatever reason(s), a lot of the United States seems to think that people from South Dakota are “behind the times.” Despite what the urban dwellers think, yes, we do have high-speed internet access and yes, we do live in the 21st century. While we embrace our South Dakotan heritage and history of this beautiful state, Cadillac Jack’s Gaming Resort also welcomes the modernity of 2018. You’ll notice that when you visit our gaming resort located in the heart of beautiful, historic Deadwood - from the latest slot machines to the hottest entertainment in town, it’s no wonder that Deadwood visitors keep coming back to Cadillac Jack’s Gaming Resort time and time again.

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Our Deadwood gaming casino and resort figured that it would be amusing to touch on some of the common myths about South Dakota and the rather antiquated beliefs that people have about our home state. Read on about some interesting but totally untrue points about South Dakota’s culture from Cadillac Jack’s Gaming Resort casino, and don’t forget to plan your next exciting trip to our gaming resort!


Myth: Everyone From South Dakota Rides A Buffalo

No, we really don’t. Sure, there are plenty of buffalo naturally roaming around our beautiful state parks and open land, but no, they are not a legal or efficient form of transportation. Though the thought is a little amusing, these animals do not patiently wait in our backyards to take us to school during the morning or on an afternoon stroll.

South Dakota might indeed be “bison country,” but we tend to keep human civilization away from the buffalo’s natural area. Besides, the white buffalo or white bison is considered sacred and spiritually significant in several Native American religions, so South Dakota carries a great deal of respect for these mighty mammals.

Myth: We Don’t Have Modern Technology

We’re not exactly sure where this one comes from. With a moniker like “bison country,” we can understand South Dakota’s reputation for our connection with buffaloes. But we don’t have a name like “South Dakota - the great state of no modern technology,” so it’s hard to imagine why our modern-day technology standards are any different from anywhere else in the United States. So, to set the record straight, we aren’t living in the 1930s. Our communication technology is just as up-to-date as anywhere else. For instance, our business services include free high-speed wi-fi.

Myth: Everyone Only Listens To Country Music

There’s appreciation to be found in every genre of music. Just because South Dakota’s landscape is on-par with the whole “wild west” theme doesn’t mean that our residents (and visitors) exclusively listen to country music. In fact, just like anywhere else in the United States (including the south), you’ll find plenty of people who strongly dislike this genre. Our country is massive and extremely diverse, and so music tastes differ among individuals regardless of where you are.

Myth: No One Needs To Lock Their Doors

Even in the smallest, most remote towns in the United States, it’s not a smart idea to leave your door unlocked - this is street smarts 101. In cities like Sioux Falls or Rapid City (and Deadwood!), it’s an even better idea to keep your doors locked. We’d like to believe that everyone can be trusted, especially when you consider South Dakota’s relatively low crime rate, but following normal security measures is always a smart idea.

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Another thing that Cadillac Jack’s Gaming Resort can ensure is that our legendary Black Hills casino is far from a myth. The next time that you and the family are searching “casinos in deadwood,” choose Cadillac Jack’s Gaming Resort for a fun and memorable trip!