November 1 – 3, 2024

Calling all tattoo artists and enthusiasts!

Join Cadillac Jack’s® Gaming Resort for our 2nd Annual Tattoo Convention!

This exciting event will feature some of the most talented tattoo artists in the Black Hills and beyond!

Tattoo Art Displays

Live Tattoos

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Food, Drinks & More!

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*Space is limited and will be filled on a first-come-first-served basis.

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2023 Tattoo Convention Winners

Best of Show

1st – Kaylah Schweigert – Red Wolf Studio

2nd – Alexander Wolff – MorningStar Tattoo

3rd – Tyler Richardson – Gilded Heart

Best Black & Grey

1st – Kaylah Schweigert – Red Wolf Studio

2nd – Kaylah Schweigert – Red Wolf Studio

3rd – Casey Jo Shippy – White Buffalo Studio

Best Color

1st – Alexander Wolff – MorningStar Tattoo

2nd – Tyler Richardson – Gilded Heart

3rd – Mallory Painter – Thrash’s Tattoo


2024 Tattoo Artists

Color Me Knot Tattoo's and Piercings
Color Me Knot Tattoo’s and Piercings is a Woman owned and veteran run tattoo shop. We have been open seven years. Artis Nate, Lynda, Nick and KT have over 20yrs experience. They have won 7 awards in the last year. Work includes traditional color to black and grey and realistic work.


Convicted Designs
Convicted Designs Tattoo and Piercing opened their doors December 2015. Samson Akers , Dan Nobles and April Akers accomplished the impossible. They overcame their pasts, overcame adversity, and made their dream come alive. Together, they supported each other to open the doors of their dream and never looked back. Samson Akers was born in Lemon, South Dakota, and was raised in Rapid City, South Dakota. April Akers is originally from Custer. Their journeys started separately and ended together. Together, they became stronger and started to develop the dream of Convicted Designs Tattoo and Piercing. A place meant to bring others hope of an amazing future. In the early stages of their lives they made choices that many in society would frown upon. Some would say that they are social misfits. Every choice has a consequence. Due to their poor choices they had larger consequences to face. Instead of running from their consequences, they faced the consequences of their choices head on. Owning the mistakes made them who they are today. It is not about the fall in life that we focus on, everyone falls, it is about the rise after the fall that counts. The only business in South Dakota which offers a 20%discount to felons who have changed their lives for the better any tattoo, with proof of after care treatment, parole, probation, and for sobriety anniversaries. We also offer 20% discounts for military, retired military, students with a student I.D.


Thrash's Tattoo
Thrash’s Tattoo is happy to join the 2nd Annual Cadillac Jack’s Tattoo Convention!  Matt & Cathy Thrash started Thrash’s Tattoo in the spring of 2001.  Leading the charge for the weekend will be twenty-six year tattoo veteran Matt Thrash, lifetime resident of the Black Hills, and currently serving as state representative for western SD on the Alliance of Professional Tattooist board of directors. He will be featuring tebori tattooing — a centuries-old method of hand-poked (non-electrified) tattoo. He continues to broaden his abilities and interests, namely highly-refined black-and-grey portraits and wildlife realism; intricate psychedelic mandalas, and most any unique sub-culture. Matt continues his art in other realms including metallurgy, jewelry and tie-dye garments as well.  Mallory Painter has been with Thrash’s since 2020 and brings her own unique style, with crisp work and a laugh that won’t quit. She loves to nerd out with movie culture and fun, quirky, and colorful artwork.  You’ll find the best assistant ever in Bridget Hermanson, a six year employee and May 2023 graduate of Tattoo Admin Masterclass. She, Cathy Thrash and Robin Thrash will be assisting over the weekend.  We are looking forward to seeing you all — rubbing elbows with old friends, making new ones and soaking up Deadwood’s fun and rich culture.


183 Ink
It was my husband’s fault. His crazy idea, the purchase of a $60 tattoo machine, many YouTube tutorials, and him as an open canvas; 183 INK was born. After tattooing friends out of the house, I summoned up the courage to open up shop in a little back room of a small boutique off Highway 183 in Colome, South Dakota. From there, 183 INK began to flourish and more room was needed. Packing up shop, we continued west on Highway 183 to Winner, South Dakota to a newly renovated store front on Main Street. With the additional space and high demand for ink, we were able to include other artists. We aren’t your typical tattoo shop. We’ve grown beyond the average “copy and paste” tattoos. We’re a distinguished tattoo studio where originality and artistic excellence flourish. We pride ourselves on being a haven for those seeking unique, fine art tattoos that are crafted exclusively for each client. Visit 183 INK and let our talented artists bring your imaginative concepts to life. – Lisa Nicholas, Owner/Artist


MorningStar Tattoo
Morningstar Tattoo is the visionary creation of Alexander Wolff, a native of Rapid City. We are about creating deep relationships, fostering collaborations, and influencing tattoo art locally and nationally. Our mission is to provide our clients with the highest quality of unique custom tattoo artistry coupled with exceptional customer service. Alexander grew up in and has now returned to Rapid City South Dakota. He received his Bachelor’s Degree in Fine Arts from Black Hills State University. Making a name for himself from the Midwest to the West Coast, and many other travels along the way, Alexander Wolff has honed his artistic skill, craft, and professionalism to a fine point… That point is…tattoo, in a truly inspired way.


Pain For Sale
My name is Jeff Jones. I have been tattooing since 2000. I enjoy doing traditional tattooing. My shop name is Pain For Sale tattooing we have Locations in Michigan and Wyoming.


Northern Hills Collective


REFUND POLICY & TERMS: In the event that you are unable to attend the event, or have other substantial circumstances that require you to request a refund; please note our refund policy & terms as outlined below. Vendors: 100% Refund (*MINUS EVENTBRITE SERVICE FEE/PAYMENT PROCESSING FEE) if requested on/before October 1st, 2024 – 50% Refund (*MINUS EVENTBRITE SERVICE FEE/PAYMENT PROCESSING FEE) if requested after October 1st, 2024 Attendees: All guests to the Convention are eligible for a 100% refund (*MINUS EVENTBRITE SERVICE FEE/PAYMENT PROCESSING FEE) on their ticket until October 31st, 2024. Please request refund by sending an email, including your name and order number (if available) to: cgreenfield@livhotelgroup.com EVENTBRITE FEES AND PAYMENT PROCESSING FEES ARE NOT REFUNDABLE *Eventbrite Service Fee: 3.7% + $1.79 per sold ticket *Eventbrite Payment Processing Fee: 2.9% per order



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